The Secret To Winning Giant Lottery Jackpot Rollovers Is Simple

Goodbye old faithful ADSL modem - you're being rolled over and replaced.

Today a broadband company is setting up my fast fiber internet connection.

They'll be coming into my home and installing a couple of magic boxes.

It will give me ultra fast fiber internet... 100Mbs instead of the 15Mbs I get now.

Roll on Netflix!


If those figures mean nothing to you, don't worry.

I'm not that keen on tech stuff either. I'd rather employ someone to do it all for me.

Just give me faster net access without all the bother!

Because of these experiences I've designed my Silver Lotto System differently. I've made it super simple.

With a set of PRO Custom Profiles, there are no complicated steps or difficult calculations.

And once you finish it - in maybe an hour or so, there's nothing more to do except play your tickets.

But there is one important part of the System that most people ignore. And that's the choice of games you play. For most folk, it's an easy selection.

They want a giant jackpot and nothing less will do.

So they choose the Powerballs, Mega Millions, Lotto Max and EuroMillions.

Trouble is, the lottery organizations know the power of large jackpots too.

More money attracts more players.

So they make these games harder to win, extending the game until the prize is enormous.

And attracting more players.

That's why you see prizes rolling over week after week.

The US Powerball rolled over for 3 months in 2017. 

This particular jackpot rolled over 19 times with no one winning it since early April.

In February 2015, a Powerball jackpot rolled over 20 times before there were winners for the $564.1 million prize.

And the organization can change the rules to make it harder to win.

Previously, rules for the UK Lottery meant that there could only be four rollovers before the jackpot was split up, whereas now it can keep growing until it reaches £22 million.

PRO will let you play every game - that's its advantage - but it won't tell you when a rollover is coming up.

So the secret is to play 'easier' games to win.

And that's the 3-star games in your LottoPredict chart. The best winning combination is to use PRO with a 3-star game.

You've got the best of both worlds without the worries of excessive rollovers.

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