These Are Automatic AND Free! Can Lottery Winning Get Any Better Than This?

A short while back, a rare event occurred. The South African Lotto numbers changed.

Now, lottery game numbers change around the world, but not that often.

For the US Powerball, their numbers increased back in October 2015. With Mega Millions it was October 2013. (What is it about October?)


But if you have a set of PRO Custom Profiles, or even Single Custom Profiles, you don't have to worry about a thing.

Your game is automatically updated.

For PRO, when you go to the "Your Game" menu in your Silver Lotto Membership Site, your new PRO there ready to go with the new numbers.

Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get everything organised - changing numbers means I need to do some different algorithms.

But generally I get it done fairly quickly.

And here's the good news... when you own the Silver Lotto System, all updates like this are free.

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