This Hypnotist's 4-Step Dot Method Can Be Used To Win The Lottery!

I came across this interesting motivational tip this morning.

Seems a good way to start the new year. It comes from UK hypnotist Paul McKenna , and I've adapted it a little to make sense for winning the lottery.

Staying motivated and playing is the most important part of winning.

Most players give up too soon. But in 2018, failure is not an option!


Following this tip will give you warm feelings, and hopefully the motivation to play again when you don't initially win the amount you're after.

Do this:

1. Stick a dozen coloured dots around your home where you will see them as you go about your daily life. Put them on the mirror, the phone, the fridge, the computer etc.

2. Make a list of 3 things you want from the lottery win. It could be helping family members, contributing to charities, bucket list items, luxuries you've always wanted, and so on.

3. Imagine or remember each of the 3 items on your list as vividly as possible.  For each item, in your mind's eye see it as if you are in the situation, hear what you might hear and feel what it's like to help or buy from the list. 

For each family member, imagine being with them, hearing them and feeling how good they make you feel. 

For each situation in the future, imagine it happening - see it, hear it and feel it as though it is happening now. 

Take as much time as you need, right now, to work through your list.  Notice how good you feel at the end.  Paul says as you do this more and more, it has a cumulative effect and you will start to feel amazing!

4. Here's what happens.  Whenever you see a coloured dot, think of one of the items on your list.

This exercise has a very powerful effect because it does not try to stop you thinking about anything. You are repeatedly adding a strongly positive experience into your life.

Don't ignore the value of this simple trick. It's a way of making your lottery life more powerful.

And don't forget the final step...

Winners Take Action!