This is how you can spend the least amount of money to win the lottery

So you want to go big like Mavis Wanczyk in the photo above.

There’s a new car and house with your name on it.

You just need the right win...

But you only have $20 a week spare. 

How can you get the best use out of that amount?

You have two steps to make this amount really work for you.

And it might cause you to get a little upset.

Because the first choice you need to make is the game you play.

You may need to dial it down to a smaller jackpot.

Hang on, you say, I want a major jackpot to make me a zillionaire.

All well and good, but your first step - with only a small amount for buying tickets - is to squeeze the most out of every dollar.

And that means getting the lowest-cost ticket you can find.

Forget the giant jackpot numbers...

You want to win, and generally that means going for a smaller jackpot game.

Because they are all linked...

  - Small ticket cost = small jackpot.

  - Bigger ticket cost = large jackpot.

But what is important is the win odds.

And they are far better with a small ticket price, because the odds in those low-cost games improves a lot.

For example, the jackpot odds for the Mega Millions jackpot is 1 in 302,575,350.

But the odds for the Arizona Pick jackpot is only 1 in 7,059,052.

Compare that: 1 in 302 million to 1 in 7 million.

Big difference! 


RULE #1:

Your first step is to pick a game with the lowest ticket price. Since the best odds are based on the number of tickets you can play, it’s logical that you’ll get more tickets at $1 each than the $5 each that Canada Lotto Max charges, for example.

Use LottoPredict to find out the game with the best odds using the Star Ratings there. 

It also shows the ticket costs so you can quickly work out the best options.

The second step is to find a way to play the maximum number of tickets in each game.

If you play a $1-a-ticket game, that’s 20 tickets you can use in a weekly game.

Now, the System works best using the maximum number of 120 tickets in a game.

So you’ll need to wait 6 games in order to play that number of tickets.

But most of us don’t have that patience - we want to see results fast.

Here’s an alternative...

RULE #2:

Play weekly with 20 tickets, or every 2 weeks with 40 tickets, but also invest in the Winner’s Circle.

The Winner’s Circle is only $29.95 a month, and gives you the equivalent of over 14,000 tickets a month. 

See the site for more info:

That way you can get the maximum use of your hard-earned funds.

Because you’ll need every single opportunity you can use to achieve your lotto dreams this year.

Going in half-heartedly is not how Silverites play.

Make this year your all-or-nothing year.

And stick at it...

Use your wishlist and look at it often to keep your enthusiasm high.

There’s nothing you can’t achieve - IF you know the secrets to fast wins.

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