Can You Believe It? South Africa $5.8 Million Powerball Winner Won't Be Telling His Family


In an astonishing interview, the new winner of the South African Powerball says he won't be telling his family about the win.

The game, similar to the photo above, was drawn 12 January, 2018, with the main prize of R70 million (US$5.83M). He was the sole winner of Powerball, while there were five winners for Powerball Plus.


The married father of three is dressed casually in a cap, golf shirt, shorts and sneakers as he talks to News 24, but prefers to remain anonymous. The regular Lotto player started when the Lotto began 18 years ago, but the largest amount he'd ever won playing the lotto was R 1300 (US$110) last year. 

He says nobody but an associate knows about his big win, not even his family. He doesn't have any plans of informing them, saying that people tend to get a little carried away when they receive a lump sum.


"The only thing I'm excited about is that I'm going to pay off my debts," he says enthusiastically.

He says he plans to invest the money and will ensure that his children's school fees are covered. He has one in primary school, one in high school and a third in university.