21 secret places in your home to hide your lottery tickets from burglars


Maybe it’s not a good idea to let a dog guard your lottery ticket!

A winning lottery ticket is as good as money. So you need to take the same precautions with your winning ticket as you would a large sum of cash.


The best place is in a bank safe, but sometimes that's not always possible - if you win in the weekend for example.

Here are 21 places that burglars are unlikely to search for your lottery ticket in your home:

  1. Inside toys in your children's bedroom.

  2. Inside a book. Remember the page number!

  3. In the back of a framed picture, between the picture and the backing board.

  4. Rolled up inside a coffee cup, on a top shelf.

  5. Under a home entertainment center. Use a shifting trolley to lift it.

  6. Inside fake electrical outlets.

  7. In a CD/DVD case.

  8. Taped to your chest.

  9. In heating and AC ducts.

  10. In a hollowed out space in furniture.

  11. Behind baseboards.

  12. Under floorboards.

  13. Inside the top of a hollowed-out door.

  14. Buried in houseplant soil in a plastic bag.

  15. In the pocket of a coat hanging in your wardrobe.

  16. Buried in the garden.

  17. Inside a false pipe in the basement.

  18. Inside the service panel of your washing machine or dryer.

  19. Taped under low fixtures, shelves etc.

  20. In waterproof containers in the toilet water tank or dehumidifier.

  21. In a plastic bag inside coffee, flour, rice jars etc.

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