3 everyday things that stop you getting started on your lottery playing


To maybe get as far as the Diamonds and their $326 Million win, you need to put in just 30 minutes of your time today.

The first step to winning is getting the System filled out. But if you are having trouble filling out your tickets, then maybe you need some encouragement.

Or maybe you purchased the System, printed it out then tucked it away somewhere in your kitchen drawers until you had time to go through it.

The good news is that you only do the filling-out step just once. But sometimes once is one time too many for a lot of people.

First step: You need to get your tickets filled before you can visit your lottery store.

So here’s 3 tips that outline some problems you might be having completing it. These answers will help you clear your head so you can finally get this easy 30-minute task finished:

1. You have too much going on. You work 10-hour days and still come home to feed the kids, clean your home, get invitations out for your daughter’s birthday, study for a new job, prepare for the next day, clean the car... the tasks are endless.

On your computer you have 5 windows open and flick from one to another to check email, Twitter and Facebook every few minutes.

DO THIS: Slow down. Stop. Sit down in a clear space and have only the things around you that you need for the tickets... your printout of the instructions, your tickets, pen and an envelope. Do them late at night or early morning so you can clear half an hour of ‘you’ time. It'll be done quicker than you think.

2. You Can’t Focus. After a few minutes the figures all look the same and you lose enthusiasm. Your brain is fuzzy and you lack energy. So you throw yourself on the couch for a break. Trouble is, this way you're getting nothing done.

DO THIS: Have a cup of coffee or tea beforehand. Sneak in a biscuit or cookie. The brain uses sugars and caffeine to get energy to think, so this will give it a kickstart, even though it is a short term solution. Don’t rely on it, because the glucose low kicks in 20-30 minutes later!

3. You’re Stressed Out. You have work problems, home problems, driving problems, the weather is freezing and you can't stay warm. It can get all a bit overwhelming at times, and the world seems a miserable place. This affects your enthusiasm in a negative manner. Problem is - you need to be positive to get started and continue with playing the lottery. How can you change your thought patterns?

DO THIS: Turn off the news on tv and online. Much of the important events in the world you’ll hear about on the work grapevine. Or if it’s really bad like an earthquake or war, you can bet someone will ring you and share it. Most of the news we see is sensationalised and only serves to depress you.

Once you cut that out of your evening, your mind will be fresh and open to new ideas. That will carry through to everything you do, including filling out your tickets.

Remember - playing the lottery is an exciting game. It’s entertaining fun, and the expectation of winning is always there.

Once your tickets are filled out, your journey is over. You won’t believe how easy it is to play and win from now on.