3 quick and simple tips that will save your lottery money when you play


Our new apartment is cheap to run.

In the year we've been in this beachfront property, we’ve saved an average of $100 a week on the power bill.

Yes - that's a hundred bucks every WEEK...

All because this place is smaller and better insulated.

You can make savings on your lotto ticket buying too.

You don't have to do anything as dramatic as shifting homes to get more out of your lotto ticket spend.

Here's three way you can stretch your dollar:

SAVING #1. Change your game.

If you love the idea of collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from Powerball, Lotto Max, Mega Millions or EuroMillions, then don't stop playing.

But if you want to get more out of your dollar, go for a 3-star game as shown by your LottoPredict chart (members only) 


Often these lower jackpot games are cheaper when you buy tickets.

And as an added bonus, they get you better odds.

SAVING #2. Use the tools.

Your first essential is using LottoPredict. It tells you when to play.

But more importantly, it tells you when NOT to play, saving you money right away: 


However you may notice that some weeks LottoPredict tells you not to play, and you want to taste the action.

That’s when you need PRO Custom Profiles for your game.

That means you can play EVERY game whenever you want without waiting for LottoPredict to come up with a YES.

SAVING #3. Spend less.

You don't always have to play to the maximum number of tickets in the Silver Lotto System. I designed the System to get the most out of every single dollar for you.

I recommend playing a minimum of 10-20 tickets.

And of course, make sure you play the same ones each time.

Don Kellough - a former $100,000 winner using our System - told me he spent just over 30 dollars ato get this result:


Ken, I spent $30 on our 6/49 draw and 5 of my numbers paid for $1,889.40 and I also got 4 numbers for $68.40 a grand total of $1,957.80. I just checked my numbers and I got 5 numbers again for another $2,463 for the December 22nd draw. That's a total of $4420.80 in one week. Amazing system!

Don Kellough, Canada

So while you can throw a lot of money at the lottery and win, sometimes a smaller amount is just fine.

And don't forget - Winners Take Action!