3 tips on how to make the remarkable lottery pyramid work for you

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Most people live their financial life in constant struggle.

Imagine a giant pyramid representing our life. Most of us start at the bottom, searching for a way to the top. We walk round and round the base while the sweat runs off and our legs get tired. We are working hard for not much return.

Eventually we get promoted, get older, get more experience... and start to climb the sides of the pyramid. It takes years.

But finally, after a lifetime of searching, climbing and striving, a few of us reach the pinnacle... the top of the pyramid.

Success is ours. We have money, wealth and power. Sometimes...

Sometimes reaching the peak can be fun if we enjoy our work. Most times - for most people - it is hard, unfulfilling struggle. Most don't make it.

Now tip the pyramid upside down.

The top is now the starting point. Imagine having everything you need, all at once - without the struggle. No climbing. Just like winning the lottery and having your perfect life ready to go.

Some wiser than me say that struggle builds character. Well, that may be so if you want the lines of worry to show on your forehead, your stooped shoulders to reflect a lifetime of striving to make ends meet, your bones to creak with overuse.

I don't believe struggle is any benefit, and here's why...

A while back I saw a tv news item - an interview with some passengers from a gigantic cruise ship docking in our harbor. It was one of the daily visits from the liners I can see from my harbor-top home.

One passenger, a pleasant, middle-aged American, was a professional cruise ship traveler. So he told us. For many years he just cruised and lived life to the full. He visited each port and spent lavishly while he was there.

For me, the best part of the interview was observing his attitude. He wasn't embarrassed about his opulent lifestyle. He enjoyed it to the full. I've never seen anyone more relaxed and easygoing.

He was a great advertisement for someone who enjoyed his life of ease.

How do you get to this point... to have everything NOW instead of later?

Times are tough right now. Xmas is approaching, bills are mountin up. How will YOU escape? Will you work harder... even though your work output has nothing to do with how your company is doing on the world market? It could crash.

Here's my suggestion...

You should try for the top of the pyramid right now... using lottery winnings as your achievement accelerator.

It's being done all the time.

With my system, Maher got a sixth share of $3.2 million. Jason won $22.2 million. Several with my System have got $1 million... others up to $280,000, several over $100,000. Thousands of others have won constantly.

They are at the top of the pyramid, and it didn't take a lifetime to get there!

So get your easy life started with these 3 tips:

1) Buy more tickets. In the Silver Lotto System instructions and in these posts I tell you to buy more tickets. In fact, you should stop buying small amounts like 1 or 2 tickets a game, and wait until you can afford to use as much of the complete Silver Lotto System as possible. Work out how much you can afford without missing out on bill payments, food, savings and buying fun things. If you are planning to be a committed player, you need to make your ticket amount as high as possible. Only this way can you get the maximum chances from your purchase. The more you play, the greater the chance you'll hit the Big One.

2) Set a regular play time. Decide how often you are going to play at the level you've chosen. For example, before buying my System you might have been a 5 or 6 line player each week (one ticket). With the Silver Lotto System, you might decide to play 20 tickets. But instead of spreading them out over the month, you should play them all at once, monthly. That increases your odds and it's how I designed the system to work. In between your large plays, take a couple of tickets just to keep your enthusiasm up.

3) Bounce back and try again. Winners sometimes go for a week or two without winning. Or they may get small amounts - and will wonder whether my system really works. Of course it does, just have faith and persist. The answer is simple. Have a game plan. Stick to it. Increase your ticket play.

Persist, persist, persist... until you get to the top of the pyramid…

Hi Ken, I bought your system about two years ago, and I have been a constant winner since. To date I have won $33,675.00! My last win was this past Wednesday when I knocked off another $1,370.00!