3 ways you've never thought of that you can use this 115-game lottery prediction service


A small selection of the 115 games available in LottoPredict.

When I started out to win the lottery in 1991, I had always imagined having a magic service that told me in an instant when to play - and when not to play - my game.

So a few years back I sat down and figured it out.

And players are winning bigtime with it. I consider it an essential part of every player’s strategy.

But LottoPredict is more than a prediction service that you glance at for 2 seconds and then forget about until next week.

It has a number of features built in that are really handy.

Here's three of them:

1. You can change games. Let's say after a while you want to ramp up your win rate. You've been following my advice in my newsletters and decide you could be playing another game with better odds.

So you just scan down the list for your country, find another one and make the change to try it out.

But how do you decide if that game is the best choice? Then you do the next step…

2. You use the Star Rating System. Alongside each game on the left hand side is a sequence of stars. Three stars mean the game is the best match for the Silver Lotto System because it has the best winning odds.

One star means you're going to have to use PRO to get the most from each game. Get PRO here.

3. You can discover new games. If you live in a country with only one suitable lotto game to play, you might decide to play online through a ticket buying service like The Lotter.

You look at the games available at The Lotter site, then check out the Star Rating in your LottoPredict to see how best to play.

If you select by the size of the jackpot - which a lot of players do - you might find that the game with the highest jackpot often has the lowest Star Rating. Not always, but most times.

For a low star rating you use PRO, because PRO 'evens' out the poor odds by effectively making a 1-star game into a 3-star game equivalent.