Take this 5 step lottery checkup to boost your wins in ways you'd never imagine


Sally Ann Wells and partner Jerry Gregory celebrate their £1.4 million (US$1.83M) win.

Have your wins been a bit slow lately? You might be surprised to know you're probably able to improve your results quite quickly like Jason, our $22.2M winner who won in less than 6 months after using the System:

Here's a quick 5 question checklist you should look over now, and at the end of it I have a surprise tip... a problem which trips up more people than you'd think:

1. Are you playing the best game for your state or country?

Everyone loves the giant windfall prizes that Mega Millions and Powerball gives every week. But these games are deliberately made harder to win by the lottery organisations for that reason - they want the rollover prize to rise so they can attract more tickets. Big jackpots means more players. It's simple marketing.

So why would you play the hardest game to win when there are many smaller-prize games that work better?

I win so much because I have one of the best games in the world for odds, and the cheapest ticket prices - so I can pay for more tickets.

LottoPredict Odds Score with Star Rating.

To find a similar game in your country or state, you must use the Star Rating in your LottoPredict chart. This tells you exactly what game to play. It is one of the most valuable parts of the Silver Lotto System.

2. Are you playing frequently enough?

Many of the losing players either play too much or too little. Yes, you can do both and still not win frequently. 

Because to play too much means you have to reduce the number of tickets because of the cost. That's not the best way to use a System designed for optimum results.

And playing too liitle means you miss out on the powerful weekly predictive play that LottoPredict and PRO give you.

My recommendation is to play the full set of Profiles whenever you can. If it is out of your budget, play less times until you can afford the full set, but take some tickets for the in-between times.

3. Are your Profiles up to date?

Have you been using the same Silver Lotto System Profiles for more than a couple years and been getting multiple wins along the way? It might be time to change them! Either upgrade to PRO Custom Profiles, or make up some more tickets from your standard Silver Lotto System Profiles. It'll make a difference, especially if you have only been winning small amounts frequently.

4. Are you expecting the jackpot each week?

My System is the greatest in the world. Each week I say this same thing to my wife whenever I get multiple wins like the 11 and 16 - and as much as 22 wins in one game. She's getting tired of me saying this, but it's the truth.

I know of no other System (and there's few out there that are genuine anyway) which can beat us for results.

But don’t get your hopes up too high. You might believe you're going to win the jackpot in a week or two, and sure, you might. But then it might take a little longer. Don't get carried away with too high an expectation!

And the surprise checklist question?

5. Have you filled out your Profiles correctly?

This is a big issue. As you know I give free coaching to all Silver Lotto owners, and those requesting my services have one or more of the following problems.

In fact more than half of all those Silverites who are not getting results are sometimes doing both wrong things together:

A. They haven't filled out their Profiles properly from the instructions.

It's not hard, but some people just don't like numbers and they fill out their Profiles wrong. They should get a set of PRO Custom Profiles which are done-for-you and are correct. Simple fix.

B. And here is the big surprise… Some PRO players are using the LottoPredict green/red squares instead of the PRO columns.

It's really important that these players check out the instructions and play correctly. Got PRO? Then don't use the green/red squares - that's for the standard System with your own Profiles or the Single Custom Profiles.

PRO is quite different and has its own column in LottoPredict. Double check that and make sure you're doing it right. I guarantee that 99% of all players who complain about my System are not playing correctly in all the ways I point out.

Hope it's not my fault... I try to make everything as simple to understand as possible.

But I can appreciate some folk are impatient and skip the important parts to get started quickly.

So make sure you're following the checklist - and especially playing the correct LottoPredict column.

The results will speak for themselves.