5 steps you can take to find the best lottery game for the fastest wins


I got an email recently from Lino, wondering which game he should play.

"Dear Ken, I'm undecided which game to play because the big jackpots are appealing but you say to choose the smaller games. How will I win big then?"

Choosing the right game is not the easiest thing to figure out.

It seems a simple task at first - just choose your game from LottoPredict's Star Rating.

But sometimes you need to dig a little deeper, past the Star Rating, and consider a few more things.

So here are 5 steps to select the best game for YOU:

#1. What choice of games is available to you?

You may have only a single game in your country like Singapore or Greece. So your decision is easy. But most players have two or more choices... a local or state game, and a national one. If you live in California, like Lino for example, then you have a choice of three... California SuperLotto Plus, Powerball and Mega Millions. How do you select between these? Keep reading...

#2. Do you want the jackpot or secondary prizes?

Are you planning to go for the jackpot (harder to win) instead of a second division prize which is much easier? If you select the jackpot, what level will you play... when it gets above $1M, $10M, or $50M? Or will you go instead for the second division - which means you can play more often since you're not waiting for the jackpot to climb.

#3. How fast do you want to win a jackpot?

Does the jackpot rise quickly after every unclaimed prize game like Powerball, or slowly like New York Lotto? The speed of the jackpot increase is a factor when you want the best value from your tickets. Second division prizes are often fixed so there's not that variation.

#4. How many bonus balls does the game have?

If there are bonus or mega balls along with the main numbers, then the odds of winning are harder. You can choose a game without bonus balls, but really, none are best.

#5. How much do you want to spend?

The cheaper the ticket price, the greater number of tickets you can play. And the better win odds you'll have. If the ticket price is high, you are limited in the number you can play regularly. So where you can, pick a game with a low ticket price. LottoPredict tells you what price each game has.

All these decisions can be made with the LottoPredict chart. You can pick your best game simply by checking each question against the information it shows for ticket prices, Star Rating, ticket prices, days to play per week, and location.

But it can still get a little complicated. Even with all the choices ticked off, it's still not easy. 

This is what I advised Lino who wanted to choose between three US games in his region: California SuperLotto Plus, Powerball and Mega Millions:

 "Choosing between games like this is never easy because there's always a balance between the jackpot, secondary prizes, and ticket prices.

Since all three games are LottoPredict X-star (star rating removed - for LottoPredict subscribers only) and play twice a week, that leaves just the prizes and ticket price for you to select between.

California SuperLotto Plus has an advantage with its lower ball numbers, but the secondary prizes are low compared to the other games.

Second division prizes for your games:

  • Mega Millions - $1M ($2M with Megaplier)

  • Powerball - $1M

  • California SuperLotto Plus - up to $60k

I recommended Lino play the California SuperLotto Plus. But if the size of the prize is more important than the ease of winning, then he should go with the bigger jackpot games.

It's what most players do anyway...

The Powerball and Mega Millions will always be more popular simply because of the size of the jackpot.

And lastly, you need not always be tied geographically to a game. Third party ticket buyers like thelotter.com will buy your tickets on your behalf if you live outside the USA, for many games around the world.