5 lottery winning changes you should definitely make this week


My wife looked nervously out our lounge window at the house being built behind us, and told me she didn't like it.

Not the house itself - it was a nice design and would complement our street. 

But the change to our view from the window didn't impress her.

She was used to seeing trees and bushes, and now the roof of this new place was peeking over our wall.

Most people don't like change.

It makes them uncomfortable.

I've tried to resist making changes to the Silver Lotto System for that reason.

Hey - if it works... why change it! 

Sometimes the best things come from making changes. For example, you'll find your results may improve if you do one of these changes:

1. Write down your goals.

The simple act of writing down your lottery dreams will automagically force you into making the right moves to improve your game.

2. Play more often.

Frequency is proven to be the best way to move your game along and get better results.

3. Play with more tickets.

It's like frequency - the more you play, the better the pay!

4. Associate with winners.

Plenty of people - millions of them - lose each week because they don't use my System. So resolve this week never to listen to lottery losers and complainers - you rarely learn anything from them. Keep reading my positive thoughts here and on my Lotto Life blog about getting the best from your System. It's free advice you'll never regret using.

5. Change to PRO or use it more often.

This is the big one that will impact your week more than any other. PRO Custom Profiles makes every LottoPredict prediction count, where in the past you had to wait for LottoPredict to give your the best playing week.

What changes will you make this week?