8 Reasons Lottery Winners Are Happier, And It's Not Just About Stopping Work


Lottery winners are always smiling. The eight reasons here will explain the obvious.

Want a good reason to play the lottery? There’s many benefits along with the money … health, freedom and adventure. So here's 8 ways that wealthy winners use their money to make them happier.

1. Money makes life more enjoyable. While lottery winners know that having money is not a guarantee of happiness, it makes life easier and more enjoyable.


2. Winners can spend on themselves and not feel selfish. They don't have to give their money away to make themselves happy, or try and save the world. They believe if you're not taking care of You, you're not in a position to help anyone else.

3. Winners dream of the future. Monyless people are limited by their day to day thinking and having to work for a wage. Planning a happy life takes time they don't have. The rich can think ahead and can turn their daydreams into reality.


4. Winners follow their passion. The average person usually has to work to stay ahead. But without that constant demand of putting food on the table, winners are free to do anything they want. Most follow their passion in hobbies or work, instead of having to work for an income.

5. Winners have high expectations. The rich have more to play with, so their boundaries are raised. Want to fly across country to stay at an exotic lodge? They can.

6. The rich live below their means. While the average guy is struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck, the winners can afford to spend more and still be ahead financially. They have a huge money buffer to protect them no matter how much they spend.


7. Winners take more risks. While average people play it safe with money, the rich know when to take risks. More money means there's less to go wrong and many wealthy investors set aside a small portion for risky investing.

8. Winners are healthier. It costs a lot of money to stay healthy with today’s high costs of operations and special treatment. However the wealthy can afford all of this, and it means they enjoy better health all the time.

All this really means it's really worth while trying to nail that jackpot.

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