95-year-old pensioner saved from fake lottery letter by sharp-eyed family member


Unfortunately the elderly are often at risk when an official-looking letter like this one arrives.

Thanks to the lucky spotting by her daughter, a 95-year-old woman from Bassington, UK, saved her money for another day.

Her daughter had spotted a suspicious item of post she had been sent, reported the Ashbourne News.

The letter claims she had won £285,000 (US$437,00) from the Peoples Postcode Lottery based in Belgium. 

Her daughter's suspicions were raised as a line in the letter insists a 1% charge of the winnings will need to be paid to process the claim.

The letter says it can be made over the telephone on a London number or directly on a mobile phone number.

It's a familiar ruse.

A letter appears in your mailbox telling you that you have won millions of dollars in another country's lottery game.

Or you get a phone call from a lottery 'official.'

All you have to do to collect it is pay an administration fee to claim the prize - except you shouldn't.

In America 90-year-old Walter Wier almost lost over $13,000 to a Florida lottery scam before the quick thinking of local postal workers stopped him.

Luckily the police were able to track down the scammer.

Walter Wier was about to lose $13,000 before USA postal workers saved him.

Police advise anyone in UK who receives letters or emails of a suspicious nature to forward them to Action Fraud by visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk