Follow this $2 million-a-day guy to increase your lottery winning chances this week

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Famed Vegas gambler Billy Walters in front of just one of his homes. He flies there in his own jet.

Most Silverites understand how the System works. But occasionally I get some question emails from players who need clarification.

And generally the questions are why they have only won a few dollars after a number of games.

They wonder how I'm able to pull in win after win, hitting the famous 98% win rate I often talk about, when they don't see the same results.

When I ask what games they play and how much they are investing, it's a different story altogether.

In fact, like most players who don't get my percentages, they are playing wrong by not following my instructions.


Here's what they should be doing, and how you can increase your winning chances this week as well:

RULE #1. Play the lowest numbers.

I know it's fun to hit the Mega Millions or Powerball because of the massive prizes they offer. But the reality is that there are many games out there where you'll win more regularly, and spend less.

You do this by playing the games with the lowest number of balls and numbers. Think of the most effective game to play - my own country's Lotto game of 6/40... that's 6 balls and 40 numbers.

Then realise that every number you add to this base figure will take you steadily away from optimum results. 7 balls will be worse, as will 59 numbers.

Now, I can improve your results with the special PRO Custom Profiles, but the laws of probability don't change. More numbers means less chances.

RULE #2. More is better.

Can you increase the number of tickets you play in each game? Can you increase the number of times you play with this number of tickets? That's the secret. It's like driving a car along a motorway and looking in your lane for a certain license plate. You'll only see it when you pass a car, or another vehicle passes you, which may be a long time.

How much better if you were to stand on the edge of the motorway (or on an overbridge - stay safe!) and look at the thousands of cars passing you. That way you're likely to see your 'rare' license plate many times every hour.

That's the difference. The more tickets you can play, and the more games you can use these tickets in - the better results you'll get.

RULE #3. There's no such thing as a loss.

Most players run a financial balance sheet in their heads. They'll calculate what they spent, what they won. And if they won, came out even, or had a loss.

That's not the right attitude. Your tickets are just like getting into an event... unless you pay the entry fee, you won't even have a chance. Write off the entry fee, and concentrate on the wins.

Here's an example of a pro who knows this. Billy Walters, Las Vegas' biggest gaming veteran, was recently filmed by the 60 Minutes documentary channel. He was making bets totaling $2 million a day.

According to Billy, sometimes he will not win for weeks or a month at a time. Yes, that long.

But when he wins, it's enough to buy and maintain his new $20 million jet and seven homes. This is the correct professional attitude to winning at anything - from tennis, golf, a race, or the lottery.

The right mindset will get you further than anyone who gives up at the first hurdle.

Think about these 3 Rules.

Then apply them and see what a difference it makes to your winning results.

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