Are you an amateur lottery player? Here's how to tell the difference

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The Gagnons had been playing Megabucks weekly since 1985 with a special set of numbers. It took them 29 years to win $3 million which they collected in February. PHOTO: Don Eno, St Johns Valley Times

If you ever read news on lottery winners and discussions about the lottery, you'll quickly come to one conclusion as I did: The majority of these people are all amateurs.

I've just finished reading a forum with a long section of comments discussing the lottery, and one thing struck me about everyone there...

None of them played more than a dollar or a couple dollars a time, maybe once a year.

In other words, they were amateurs. They did everything wrong:

FAIL: They relied on quick picks to choose their numbers.

FAIL: They chose games with the largest jackpots which are the hardest to win.

FAIL: They didn't play enough tickets to make a difference.

FAIL: They weren't persistent and didn't play often enough.

In fact, while they seemed intelligent people, that intelligence didn't extend to working out how to win the lottery.

Many amateur lottery players use superstition to control their game. 

And their odd theories were all based on luck and had no understanding of what makes the lottery the best deal in anyone's lifetime.

As a Silverite (owner of my System), you know different. You have a plan.

First you visualize daily what you want when you win. This wishlist review creates an irresistible force that powers you through each game.

If the win wasn't what you expected, it gives you enough enthusiasm to try again the next game. Most amateurs give up too soon, often after a game or two.

Want a Lamborghini? Think about it daily, and like Gavin Davies it could be a reality. Photo: The Mirror

Then you choose carefully to maximise the effect of your dollars:

  • You select a game with the best odds in your area using the LottoPredict star rating.

  • You surround yourself with all 3 parts to the System: Silver Lotto System, LottoPredict and a PRO Custom Profiles to give you the highest chance of winning.

  • You keep your tickets in a safe place and in order so you always know where they are.

  • When you win a large prize you tell no-one, invest the sum into a bank and let your emotions settle down for a few months while you decide what to do with it.

In other words, you use all the tips and advice from these posts to make your play professional and organised.

The payoff is worth it. You'll never be hassled privately or legally. You'll know how to stay low and protect your winnings from predators and begging letters.

Who really won this $254 million Powerball jackpot? Were the real winners present to collect the check, or did they wisely stay anonymous? Photo: abc news

You'll buy exactly what you want to make every desire you've ever dreamt about come true. In other words, as a Silverite - you're a true professional.