Astonishing theory from money expert says you can win the lottery in your mind


The $70 million lottery jackpot won by the Tamburellos is life changing. But what if you could have a similar lifestyle without winning?

Can you be a lottery winner without getting the jackpot or even smaller prizes? Can you live the life of a lottery winner inside your head, and still get as much fun out of it? This could surprise you...

Financial advisor Robert Pagliarini says as soon as you plunk down your $1 to buy a lottery ticket, you can't help but start to think about what your life would look like if you won.

What would you do? Where would you go? What would you buy?

So your dollar can buy you a bit of hope. It can make your commute (and your boss!) a little more bearable for the day.

He says the real question is not what toys you would buy - or even how winning the lottery would change your life.

The better question is... how would winning the lottery improve your life?

Robert suggests you daydream about how the win would make your life better, and then figure out how you can create this change in your life - even if you don't win.

"I've spent nearly the last two decades working with sudden wealth recipients - people who have come into a windfall overnight," says Robert, author of  national bestseller 'The Six-Day Financial Makeover.'

"Sudden wealth can radically improve a person's life, but it's certainly not a requirement."

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Most of his sudden wealth clients have said their windfall has given them more freedom, opportunity, and security. But these things are achievable even if you don't hit the jackpot.

When you think about winning, what is the one thing above all others that the win does for your life? How can you get closer to this without a lottery jackpot?

Maybe a win would allow you to quit your job and travel the world with your family.

But Robert advises, "Don't wait for a lottery windfall to achieve this goal. You might not be able to afford to travel the world, but you can certainly spend more time with your family now."

Source: Robert Pagliarini, Forbes