Can you ask Siri to give you the lottery results? This $250K winner tried it out


Veola Thomas (center) with her aunt Veola (left) and Virgina Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto. PHOTO: Virginia Lottery

We know you can’t ask Siri for the next game’s winning lottery numbers (it just refers you to the website). But we wondered if anyone had used the app to find out some winning numbers.

Turns out that when Veola Thomas couldn't figure out if the $250,000 Jackpot Doubler ticket in her hand was a winner, she turned to her digital assistant.

“Maybe Siri knows,” she said, referring to the computer program on her iPhone.

Veola bought the winning ticket at a Kroger store at 3507 West Cary Street in Richmond.

And with the help of the voice activated program the Richmond woman found information on the Virginia Lottery’s website that showed she’d won the game’s $250,000 top prize.

She scratched the ticket later when she was home helping her son with his homework to confirm it.

Ms. Thomas was the seventh and final top prize winner in the game, which ended the game.

It’s the Virginia Lottery’s policy to close Scratcher games when the final top prize is claimed.

Ms. Thomas said she hopes to use her winnings to pay bills and save for college for her son, who is now eight years old.

And how did she say it feels to win big in the Virginia Lottery?

“Mighty good!” she laughed, but no words of praise for Siri were reported.

Maybe it needs a little more encouragement.