Here are 7 expensive supercars for lottery winners - and some brands we bet you never knew existed

We all know about Ferrari. But a Vencer Sarthe - what the heck is that! Don't matter - these are some seriously different mechanical horses, and costly too even for a lottery winner. Take a look at the Rimac electric sports car and you'll agree it's a nice looking work of automotive art.

Perfect for the idle lottery winner - an automatic cover for your car that converts into something amazing

No longer will lottery winners have to face seeing bird droppings on their precious Ferrari roof when they're parked under trees In Rodeo Drive. This amazing - and expensive - cover will protect it! Then when you're ready to go camping, guess what it turns into at the press of a button. Buy several for all your cars!

Barn-find cars are hidden gems, like this $11 million Ferrari perfect for the budding restoration lottery winner

Some lottery winners like to while away the hours polishing their extensive car collection, stopping only to relight their cigar and give instructions to the gardeners. Others travel deep in the forest of forgotten countries in search of barn finds - those lost, neglected autos in need of of complete repair and the replacement of almost everything on them. Their reward is yet even more money as these glistening treasures rack up intense public interest and get monster cash offers at auction.

RICH IS: A Ferrari inspired luxury golf cart that will set lottery winners apart from the crowd


It’s called the F5 Luxury Golf Cart, and if you want to get through the boring parts of your game - the travel between those little round holes - in style, then this $23,800 red electric wonder is the answer. Owning this will put lottery winners squarely in the 1% where they belong. You get a chrome tilt steering column, 15” custom rims and a 24mph motor.
SOURCE: Luxury Carts