Clockmaker Chris Hated Figures, So I Gave Him A $10,000 Bonus Shortcut

"I can't even balance my checkbook," he said. "So how am I gonna figure out these lottery figures!"

Chris was a 47 year-old neighbor who loved working with his hands.

He had expanded his hobby, and built exquisite grandfather clocks that sold for thousands of dollars each. But he hated figures.

He desperately wanted to win the lottery to make his family's future more secure.

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READER ASKS: Do I Get A New Profile When The Games Changes Its Numbers?

Winner of the Pennslyvania Powerball, Roger Custer (r) accepts his ceremonial check for $33.1 million. Photo

I received this email from Jason T:

Ken, as you probably know the Powerball has changed its numbers. I just bought your PRO profiles for powerball a few weeks ago, so now they're useless.

What do I do now? Do I get a new profile when the game numbers change like this? Jason.


Unfortunately it's not only Powerball that change their numbers. Occasionally other lottery games will change their numbers, balls or draw times.

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