Blooper alert as Pennsylvania Lottery live draw gives these lottery presenters a headache

Sometimes life - and the lottery - doesn't always go to plan. This viewer video of the Pennsylvania Lottery live tv draw in January 2015 was a disaster from start to finish.

One comment noted: "I watched this on WPVI in Philly. I was shocked. I don't recall any problems involving 2 or more machines in all my years watching the PA Lottery TV drawings."

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Take a secret look behind the scenes of the US Powerball draw to see what actually happens on the day

This is a rare look behind the scenes at the Florida Powerball lottery headquarters. You will get to see the actual vault in this 2012 CBS doco and see where the draw machines are kept and their security operation that makes Powerball one of the safest lottery draws available. Even the lottery balls in each draw are chosen randomly to reduce any possibility of error.

TWO Powerball winners in New York and Iowa bought the $687.8 million ticket

TWO Powerball winners in New York and Iowa bought the $687.8 million ticket

Jose Espinosa co-owns the West Harlem Deli in New York City where one of the two Powerball tickets were sold. PHOTO: PIX11

Two lucky Powerball players woke up richer on Sunday morning. They would each receive $198.1 million if they chose the cash option in the $750 Million US Powerball, announced the lottery organization.

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Now It's Powerball's Turn To Make Some Lucky Players Super Rich


With less than 3 days to the next draw on Saturday, and millions of losing Mega Millions players looking for another opportunity, Powerball could be the next billion dollar fortune-maker.

UPDATE: The US Powerball hit $750 million in a sudden jump from the $620M it has previously sat for the last several days. It has now been stable at $750M which will likely be the final figure.