Blooper alert as Pennsylvania Lottery live draw gives these lottery presenters a headache

Sometimes life - and the lottery - doesn't always go to plan. This viewer video of the Pennsylvania Lottery live tv draw in January 2015 was a disaster from start to finish.

One comment noted: "I watched this on WPVI in Philly. I was shocked. I don't recall any problems involving 2 or more machines in all my years watching the PA Lottery TV drawings."

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Confused Irish National Lottery Presenter Left Speechless On Screen

Irish TV National Lottery presenter Brian Ormond was left literally speechless when something went very wrong during his live show on RTE televison on Wednesday evening.

The presenter began by welcoming viewers to the night’s National Lottery draw, when it all just stopped.

Brian told viewers: "You're joining us from RTE Stage B.." but nothing happened after that, with the presenter left looking as mystified as everyone who had tuned in to see if they had hit the jackpot. 

Thankfully after a few seconds someone had the sense to go to an ad break.