Remember These Wacky Rules When You Next Climb A Tree Or Play Lotto

Remember These Wacky Rules When You Next Climb A Tree Or Play Lotto

Make sure you have a soft landing when climbing a tree! (Bear was OK). Photo: K99

A number of my friends have fallen from roofs, walls and trees and hurt themselves. I never have. I know plenty of people who have had car accidents. Not me.

Many people haven't won a cent on the lottery for years. I've won constantly each week.

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REVEALED: One Of The World's Top Marketers Is A Deranged Lunatic

Long, long ago, dear reader, I included the name of an internet marketer I respected in a forum post.

Then suddenly, out of the blue a couple of days later came the most extraordinary email I've ever read.

Addressed to me personally and written by this guy, he told me a tale so incredible it could have been straight out of a novel.

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WINNING: Looking Out For No.1 - The Ultimate Success Story

Author Robert Ringer with his world-changing book - ideal today for lottery winners.

It was in a small, cluttered bookshop in San Francisco, away from the noise of the buskers and traffic, that I found a book that changed my life.

And 30-something years later the principles of the paperback I bought, "Looking Out For No. 1" still ring true.

You see, when you win the lottery, it changes your life in ways you don't expect.

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