Shocking abandoned mansion left behind by riches-to-rags lottery winners [VIDEO]

See the shocking state of a mansion abandoned by a lottery winner after just 4 years ownership. The family declared bankruptcy and the house was left vacant to quickly rot into disrepair. As this video shows, the dilapidated house has seen better days and will take a lot of work to restore it to its former pristine condition.

RICH IS: Renting This Spectacular Ultra Modern Glass Home In Beverly Hills For $59,000/Month

RICH IS: Renting This Spectacular Ultra Modern Glass Home In Beverly Hills For $59,000/Month

It’s fit for a lottery winner, but cool homes don't come cheap. Before he got married to Hailey Baldwin, pop icon Justin Bieber rented this spectacular home at the end of a cul de sac in Hollywood, and paid nearly $60,000 a month for the sleek building.. Source: Front Door MORE PHOTOS…

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LOTTOSHACKS: This Massive Property Is More Expensive Than Most Major Lottery Jackpots

Fancy spending all your Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot just on a home and some land? Well now you can. The most expensive home in Singapore could be 33 Nassim Road, being sold by Wing Tai Holdings Ltd.  

Singapore's most expensive home could be 33 Nassim Road, being sold by Wing Tai Holdings Ltd. Photo: Jones Lang LaSalle

This prime property is located near Orchard Road, Singapore's shopping hub. The company's chairman, Cheng Wai Keung is asking US$235 million for it.

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LOTTOSHACKS: $5 Million Buys This Countryside Mansion, But You Might Have To Bid Against Some Movie Stars

DAILY MAILInternationally famous Pinewood Studios has set up in Cardiff where this magnificent mansion is being offered for sale. And it's rumoured that English star Benedict Cumberbatch of tv's 'Sherlock' or actor David Hasselhoff could be interested, as they both have Welsh girlfriends who might like to stay close to home. More photos follow:
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LOTTOSHACKS: Just Lookin' ... Eye-Watering 191,000 Sq Ft Monster Mansion With 50 Car Garage

Photo: Gutho Galiano for Veja São Paulo

Since it's unlikely any lottery jackpot will ever be enough to buy this hilltop monstrosity, we'll just take a look at it out of curiosity - and envy. Homes Of The Rich reports this newly built super compound is located in Santana De Parnaiba, Brazil, and has a bedroom larger than most mega mansions.

At 191,000 square feet, it is now the biggest residence/compound in the country. It is owned by Amilcare Dallevo Jr. who is the president and owner of RedeTV. It features a 13,000 square foot master bedroom located underneath a heliport [1], a hangar for 4 helicopters [2], 50-car garage [3], 1,000 square foot his-and-hers offices, 26 foot long aquarium, spa, home theater and  much more. 

LOTTOSHACKS: You'll Feel Like Royalty When You Step Inside - Or Else Throw Up

From the outside this English cottage looks like any other in Middlesex, UK. It's well kept and has some eye appeal. Maybe it's good enough to buy at $670,000 with a modest National lottery win. But when you step inside, it's a different story that makes you wonder what the owners were thinking!

 See the following photos and prepare to be gobsmacked!...

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LOTTOSHACKS: America's Biggest Mansion Is Yours For A Bargain $14 Million.

This gigantic mansion covers over 62,000 square feet. The 15-bedroom complex also has a 25-seat movie theatre, stables, and a 12-car garage. All you have to do is shift to Birmingham, Alabama.

Hurwitz James Co.

But best of all, this palatial looks impressive... a great place to have relatives and friends round and hope you don't lose them in the labyrinth of corridors and living rooms. This house is the largest listing presently on offer in the USA. Since Alabama doesn't have a state lottery, you'll need Powerball or Mega Millions in another state.

PRICE: $13,900,000
LOCATION: Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
COUNTIN': 15 beds, 54,400 sq ft, plus guest house
SELLER: Listed with Hurwitz James Company
GAME TO WIN: Mega Millions $172 million

More photos follow.

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LOTTOSHACKS: The Eerie $5.4 Million Gothic Mansion With A Space Ship In The Attic


This house looks like it's come out of a horror film, but has everything. The multi-story Victorian Gothic mansion, 'Rockmount,' has reception rooms, games room, play room dressing room, wine cellar and a detached lodge.

But it also has something else... a strange feature in the attic that will raise your eyebrows. See the photos below to discover what the the secret room contains.

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LOTTOSHACKS: Lord Of The Duplex: Director Peter Jackson Sells NY Apartments For $20 Million

New Zealand 'Lord Of The Rings' film director Peter Jackson is no barefoot hobbit when it comes to selling. He'll make a couple of million from the upcoming sale of his penthouse duplex spread.

Photos: NY Curbed 

PRICE: $19,950,000
LOCATION: Tribeca, New York, USA.
COUNTIN': 8,309 sq ft inside, 6,000 sq ft outside.
SELLER: Peter Jackson, film director
GAME TO WIN: New York Lotto is only up to $9.9 million'll need Mega Millions or Powerball to match the offer on contract.


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LOTTOSHACKS: Michael Jackson's Sister Leasing This Magnificent Big Apple Apartment For $35,000/mth

More Photos: Real Estalker 

It's never been easier to get into the Greatest City In The World. Rent out Janet Jackson's Midtown apartment near the Lincoln Center with views over Fifth Avenue, and pay it with the interest from your invested winnings.

More photos...

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