A Heartwarming Story From A Silver Lotto Success Who Keeps On Winning

New Jersey has its share of luck. Carol Hedinger from NJ Lotto announces the winning $338 million Powerball ticket picked in New Jersey, March 2013. Photo: AP

I love these kind of stories from Silverites. Read this testimonial from Jay of New Jersey and share the excitement:

"Ken, forgive me for sounding skeptical, but when I emailed you 4 months back, I had no idea your lotto system was going to change my life and my families.

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The Incredible Odds Of This Double Win Ever Happening Again Just Boggles The Mind

It's hard enough to win over a quarter of a million dollars once. Even rarer to get the chance of two wins for the same amount... the odds are in the millions. But when you get a double win, for the same amount, with identical numbers - you just have to give up calculating.

John Roland still can't believe his luck with his two New Jersey Cash 5 lottery wins.
Photo: NJ Lottery

Because a Bergen County man did exactly this, winning $292,935 with each ticket having the identical numbers: 11-15-16-20-28. 

How did he manage to do this?

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