A convenient underground car lift in your garden is what every lottery winner needs to gain space

This list of goodies for the super-rich lottery winner is unique, and the lift is an eye-opener. And who wouldn't want the 3-screen reclining computer chair? It reminds us of the dentist, but hey - whatever works. Check out the rest of the video for some really interesting stuff you can buy whether you're rich or not.

RICH IS: Getting your pilot's license at the same age as Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman


Actor Morgan Freeman, 82, owns and pilots this $8 million Sino Swearingen SJ30 jet.

Although he joined the Air Force as a mechanic, Morgan Freeman didn't learn to fly until he was 65 years old. He's been flying since 2003 and owns two planes: a twin-engine Cessna 414 and a Sino Swearingen SJ30 business jet. When you win the lottery, will you get your pilot’s license too?

RICH IS: Diving in your own mini-submarine around a luxury private island


Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson owns a 74-acre retreat in the Caribbean called Necker Island, where his luxury resort can accommodate up to 30 people.

When lottery winners get tired of lounging by the pool or beach, they can hang out on Branson's yacht, the Necker Belle, or explore the sea on his submarine, the Necker Nymph.

So what's the use of buying luxury brands if you can't pronounce their names correctly?

China's affluent consumers know what they want - it's just that some can't pronounce the western names of the hugely expensive brands they're buying. Meet the people who teach them how to acquire the upper-class accent that is needed, and see the high-end brands the Chinese are spending their millions on. There's buying ideas for every lottery winner here!

Where do lottery millionaires park their cars? In a garage like the rest of us, but it costs a lot more

Home owners are spending up large to show off their autos these days, and while the cars here are spectacular - their parking spaces are just as amazing. Some owners have lifts that take their shiny works of auto art down to another level. Others just line them up in front of flat screens tv's. Take a look into some amazing spaces.

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