7 Lottery Number Picking Gadgets That Will Send You Broke Faster Than The Casinos

7 Lottery Number Picking Gadgets That Will Send You Broke Faster Than The Casinos

Robots discuss winning the lottery in this clever tv commercial by Denver agency Cactus + SPILLT.

Here's a selection of funny lottery game number pickers that is hard to believe will work. But some people buy them - even praise them. Don’t get fooled, they are just toys, not serious lottery number selectors.

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How To Put Your Luck Under Iron Man Control And Win More Lottery Games

The suit worn by Iron Man actor Robert Downey.

Last night I watched some of the Iron Man movie for the first time. And it struck me that while Iron Man had control over many things, some others he didn't - as he tried to work out how to use his suit and fight the bad guys.

Just like the lottery. Some parts you can control - and I'll tell you exactly which bits now - and some you can't.

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INSIDER: Obey This Simple Command To Immediately Start Winning Lottery Prizes

My Roomba 530 at work in our kitchen early this morning.

As I tap out these words in my home office, my own robot is upstairs vacuuming the lounge floor. It's an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner, which does a far better job than our regular cleaner (me, actually).

It produces - manufactures, maybe - large piles of cat hair, dust and dirt from a seemingly clean looking room. I'm always amazed when I come to empty it out. I have 5 of them right now, including one that does our garage and deck, the Dirt Dog.

The main advantage here is that this robot cleans while I'm doing something else. I didn't have to spend any time wondering how to automatically vacuum my house...

Someone developed a quick and easy way to help me. That's the key -the secret I'm going to tell you about in detail now...

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Someone Mistook Me For A Lottery Winning Robot

This morning on YouTube I watched a homegrown robot built like a meccano set kick a ball. Only took a couple of minutes to line it up :)

What is it about robot-builders that makes them construct replicas of ourselves, when only a tiny percent of the world's population doesn't even kick a tin can? I can't remember the last time I kicked a ball, yet kicking and running are the high skill factors they try and build in to these mechanical marvels.

Sure, I know it is really an advanced from of locomotion they are trying to show off.

But what about delivering me a freshly cooked breakfast in bed instead? I would pay big money for that. Kicking a ball around the back yard with a robot which responds every two minutes, not really.

A reader mistook me for one of these robot kicking wannabe's.

He wrote to me on my new support desk, and said - rather amusingly I thought:

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