Can you believe these richlisters actually bought some of these 10 most outrageous products

To the rich and the lottery winner, no price is too high for entertainment and luxury. Diamond encrusted tv sets, fashion items made of solid gold, luxury transportation... the rich want it all - even perfectly clear ice made exclusively by a California based company. Whether it’s for their own enjoyment or simply to show off their wealth, only the rich or well-off lotto winner can afford these. Watch the golf hovercart and be amazed that there is a billionaire born every minute!

I Couldn't Believe It - An Entire City For A Lotto Ad Made Out Of... Well, Watch It And See

It's one of the most remarkable video commercials I've seen. The whole thing takes just 30 seconds to watch, but this feel-good ad for a German lotto group must have taken thousands of times longer to make. When you see the concept, I can guarantee you'll be as open-mouthed as I was. Enough of the amazeballs, just watch it!

AD SPOT: Powerball lottery winner has a nightmare which will make you laugh with relief

This Powerball lottery tv ad shows a winner having a nightmare about his work day. While we'd all like to have a day job like this, we know it simply isn't realistic but it’s a great laugh. The ad for NY Lottery's Powerball was directed by Chris Akers and written by Aron Fried. Video: SpecBank

The spooky winning tale from this $180 million lottery winner sounds completely unbelievable

A lot of lottery players are superstitious but this one beats them all for weird coincidences that you just can't make up. Rick Knudsen won $180 Million on a Mega Millions ticket, but what he says happened leading up to the big win is spine tingling. If you ever get a similar set of lucky chances, run down to your lottery store and grab a handful of tickets because it could be you in the interview chair next week.