Lottery Winner's Skill Test: How to pop champagne and spray it over everyone for the cameras

It should be a compulsory training course for budding lottery winners, because without the proper spray of champagne at the photoshoot you could be wasting everyone's time. There are a lot of important officials waiting for you to do it correctly so they can get back to their cubicles and prepare the lottery for the next winners. This video explains it all in layman's terms, and you'll be in demand as a trainer yourself if you're any good.

How this 14-times lottery winner won $27 million, and why it all went terribly wrong

It all started in the 1960s, when a poor Romanian accountant came up with a solution for winning the lottery. He had spent every minute he had off work and family life analyzing papers on math and working on his own algorithm. Watch and see how it then went quite wrong for him.


You won $500 million on the Powerball lottery. So how much is REALLY yours to keep?

So your multi-million dollar win is sitting in the bank and you're pretty happy about everything right now. But then your finance manager taps you on the shoulder. "I think there's something you should know..." she says. looks into a winner's money and comes out with some surprising options for you.

After $188 Million Powerball Lottery winner Marie Holmes bought a new home with her winnings, she had big problems

Marie Holmes had many problems after she won $188 Million in North Carolina’s Powerball lottery in 2015. She made many reckless decisions that left her drained both financially and emotionally. Then Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) host Iyanla stepped in to help. Did it work out?

Unemployed man, 39, dived into a dumpster for a WINNING torn-up scratchers lottery ticket

It was not how Lorenzo Juarez planned to spend his 39th birthday - searching a dumpster for pieces of thrown-away scratch-off tickets after the buyer had an argument with the lottery store.

But Lorenzo was convinced that there was money left on the card. And he wanted to claim it. Luckily for the Stockton, California resident the dive turned out to have a happy ending. Guess how much the original owner threw away? Take a look!

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Woman has a lucky escape after a miracle $100K lottery gift was offered by fake Wisconsin winner

The scammer claimed to be Wisconsin lottery $768 million winner Manuel Franco (inset), who offered a Portage woman $100,000. Shirley Hall (above) runs an animal rescue in Portage and was in need of funding for her operation. How she narrowly escaped the scam makes an interesting tale. VIDEO: News 3 Now

Lottery winners who DREAMED they would win then weirdly made their dream come true

Every lottery player dreams winning a giant sum of money in the jackpot. But what shows here are two players who actually made it work. One player beat the odds by predicting the Powerball numbers, when they would win, and set out to follow up on their predictions. Believe it or not - it worked for them, and I guess you could say they followed their dream!