5 innovative and expensive gadgets every lottery winner should buy now for their home

From a chair made from specially designed wood joints that lottery winners get their staff to assemble, to a handcrafted wall clock that alerts you with a light, these five gadgets are truly unique. And expensive. One commenter said..."it looked very very very good, but when I saw the price... Mm no, thanks." Well of course they won't appeal to the average guy - these are for the rich!

Eager dog knocks £1 million lottery winner owner over during photoshoot

Patrick and Paula Morling won £1 million on a National Lottery scratchcard after popping to the shop to buy dog food. Patrick, a storeman for a paper cup company, said: 'We'd already done our big shop earlier in the day but Ollie is very particular about his food so I had to go to a different store to stock up for him. As I was leaving, I decided on a whim to buy a scratchcard.' It won, and the Morlings went off on a world trip - maybe without Ollie! VIDEO: Daily Mail

Couple won $294 million Powerball lottery jackpot and stunned locals with their insane purchases

Powerball lottery winners Mark and Cindy Hill from Dearborn, Missouri, stunned locals after their huge $294 million win. They were just a normal couple who kept to themselves, until the day that surprised everyone in their town, including them.

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Pigs, dogs and birds in pyjamas - an utterly appealing lottery ad which goes all wrong

When you gather a group of cute animals together and film them going to bed in pyjamas and onesies, what could possibly go wrong? Well it does, and the result is another great commercial from yesteryear for the New York Lottery's game "Sweet Million." The last draw for this game was December 2014. Watch for the crash at the end which jolts us all back into reality.

The lottery winner's futuristic high tech home with an automated parking lift [VIDEO]

There's no end of the ideas that lottery winners can use for their own home in this video. But you're going to have to buy in Florida to take advantage of the automated car lift in a 9-story luxury condo development. Take a look at the million dollar homes that are using technology to make life easier and safer for their owners.