Collector will be 90 when she breaks Guinness World Record for LOSING lottery tickets


It doesn’t worry Sue Harrington that she might be 90 when she finally finishes her goal of collecting 1 million losing lottery tickets.

She was inspired by the Team USA's World Cup run last month that made soccer history, but her goal has nothing to do with soccer.

It was watching the World Cup champions push themselves to the limit made her think big, she told WLOS.


The Team USA's World Cup win last month was Sue Harrington’s inspiration.

"I was looking on the Guinness World Records under different categories, and I saw lottery and I saw they do not have anything about collecting losing tickets," said Sue Harrington.

She applied to Guinness with the goal of someday collecting 1 million losing scratch-off cards to establish a global standard.

In the next few months, Harrington expects to receive a response from Guinness about her application.

So how far has she gone with her collection?

Sue has gathered nearly 1,700 in two weeks.


"Well, we have different varieties of scratch-offs," Harrington said, showing News 13 the tickets sorted in stacks of 100. "You have Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash 5."

"Overnight, I dry them out and then I do them by size," Harrington explained.

"To achieve an impossible goal, that'll be pretty exciting. That's a lot of tickets," she said.


Click here if you would like information on donating losing lottery tickets to Sue Harrington’s cause.