Crazy driver teaches us a lesson on how to play the lottery to win


I watched a crazy man the other day. And his behavior shocked me.

He jumped into his car, started it up and took off. As he went further down the road, I could see him leaning and twisting to put on his seatbelt. The car wobbled over the road.

As he disappeared into the distance, his head was way over towards the passenger side while he fiddled with his radio, or breakfast.

He was heading for an accident surely, just like the car in the photo above.

When I rode motorcycles many years ago, I was very structured at start-up.

I did things the same way each time.

First I put on the suit, zipped it, velcroed and buttoned it in the same order. Then I put on the helmet, closed the strap, followed by putting on the gloves, left hand first.

Then I checked the bike by eye quickly, took it off the stand, sat on it, made sure the mirrors were pointing properly and that several switches were in the correct position.

Only then would I start up and ride off.

I've seen some riders would hop on their machine, put their helmet on and check the other bits as they rode up the road. That's a recipe for disaster.

On the road you need all your wits about you on each trip. That means a reason for every move, and that's what the advanced driver's courses teach.

I never had an accident on my bike.

And my decades of driving success have all been because I applied a rigid system to my movements.

A System works for most everything...

American businessman Michael Gerber discovered that a system would make businesses more efficient, and he wrote a book on it, "The E-Myth." 

When I designed the Silver Lotto System, I wanted the same structure for successful winning. So I did it this way, and it's stood the test of time:

1. I designed the basic Silver Lotto System first. This basic program is the one to start with, and using it means you'll get the best results.

2. Then I added LottoPredict. This was to be used with the Silver Lotto System, but it didn't improve the results - instead it forecast which game had the greater likelihood of winning. That allowed players to start and stop playing depending on what was predicted. It's a great moneysaver.

3. Finally I used the powerful advantages of the PRO custom profiles. It means you can play continuously in each game instead of stopping for maybe weeks at a time.

A good system means less worry, more certainty. Try it!

Dear Ken, You wonderful man and your splendid system got me $67,000 in the second prize (where I played only half the amount you suggested to me). The PRO is what I used and it came up with the numbers easily and in record time! I spent $40 but it was well worth all the spare money I had to win this amazing amount. I have never won a lottery before I used yours.

Cathy K. (wibb*******