It's funny how lottery winners don't make these 10 excuses for winning

lottery-excuses (1).jpg

Here’s a life lesson: Unless you play, you're not going to win. Photo: The Atlantic

Over the years I've heard every excuse under the sun why people don't play the lottery.

At first I got concerned. Maybe it was my fault... was I doing something wrong that stopped people believing in my System?

But as the number of winners climbed I gradually relaxed.

Now, when someone says they are not playing because:

  • They didn't win enough in the last game

  • They have run out of money

  • It's raining

  • The car's broken

  • Their partner said it would never work

  • Another site said there is no good lotto system

  • They don't play enough tickets so they give up

  • They don't understand how to play

  • It looks too good to be true

  • The testimonials are made up...

...I simply smile and go about my business. And the number of winners - and their prizes - climbs even higher each day.

You might not believe this, but my wife and I celebrate each time we get a winner's email.

That's right. I go to her home office next to mine, or up to the top floor where she's normally sitting, and we do a whoopee cheer together. Maybe give a high five for the big wins.


High fives all round for this group of Canadian winners celebrating their $14.8 million jackpot.

Sometimes, like the occasion when 'we' won $22.2 million (actually Jason got the jackpot, I supplied the method), the celebrations go on for days. We're talking about it all the time.

If you're not celebrating like us, there's a reason. I want you to find out the MAIN reason for your excuse and find a way to fix it.

For example, if you can't play the number of tickets I recommend (about $20-$50 worth), then it's simple to wait until you have that amount saved.

Look at the list of excuses, figure out which is yours, and change your life accordingly.

The rewards are fantastic!