When Lottery Balls Attack! Disturbing Photos Of Rogue Lotto Balls Loose In The Wild


This girl seems safe enough holding her giant lottery ball - even though it contains the 'unlucky' number 13. But the following explicit photos show how some lottery balls can put you in mortal danger if you're not careful...

Luckily there was nobody in this car when a rogue lottery ball from a nearby draw fell on it. The owner was able to retrieve his lottery tickets from the glovebox, but was disappointed not to win a prize later that night.


This couple were busy talking and reading, and didn't notice the lottery balls which had fallen on their bed. They later went back to sleep, with the wife saying “it was the best sleep” she’d had in ages.


This group of elderly zumba exercisers were expecting to catch some giant inflatable lotto balls and then deflate them with the pins hanging around their necks. They disappeared with the balls later that night and were never seen again.


This martial arts expert, 27, was partially eaten by a lottery ball during a contest, but survived to tell the tale to journalists and tv in a press conference. He is seen denying that he had been paid by America’s Got Talent for the experience.


Despite being warned not to try and out-run the chasing Lotto Max ball, the driver did and was lucky to escape with his life. He won $2 in the Max draw that evening and said it would help with paying to have the ball winched off.


Two lottery balls head for the bleachers where they terrorized a team of baseball players by bumping them for several hours. The team’s catcher failed to grab them.


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