Guess what stopped this lucky crash-thru lottery ticket buyer at the store


The woman’s car is seen crashing into the store, leaving a trail of destruction until it was stopped by an unusual object.

You've heard of drive-through. Now there's crash-through. A woman accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake when trying to visit Don's Food Market in Emmaus and entered the store around 9am.

Store manager Yaki Soonasra talks about the incident to WFMZ-TV.

WFMZ-TV reporter Jamie Stover behind the lottery machine that stopped the car going any further.

It was a large lottery machine that stoppped the regular customer going any further and destroying the rest of the store interior.

There were no injuries but the front of the store was extensively damaged.

The interior of the store after the crash. Luckily they were insured.

Don's Food Market at 217 E Harrison St, as it appeared before the crash.

Employee Carl Mohar sweeps away debris after the accident. The site has been boarded up while repairs were done.