Guide tells you what to do - and importantly what to avoid when you win the lottery


Journalist Cathy Bussey has written about the lottery in depth. PHOTO: Guardian

A 38 year-old UK mum has written a guide on what winners should do with their jackpot winnings.

Cathy Bussey is a freelance writer who came up with the idea when she was talking to her publisher. The result was the book "What To Do When You Win The Lottery" which is now available from

She guides readers through the process from claiming, investing and spending your winnings to avoiding the pitfalls, including lost tickets and coping with your sudden popularity.


PHOTO: Guardian

She explains how syndicate members can protect themselves, the importance of writing a will, whether to quit your job and the pros and cons of going public.

Cathy reveals how to make sure a lottery win will only change your life for the better, if you even want it to change at all.

Because she is not a lottery winner herself, Cathy decided to research how others had spent their windfall, reported the Guardian.

She cites the tale of Norfolk binman Michael Carroll, who squandered his £9.7million jackpot in just eight short years, as a particular case of “what not to do”.

“It can take two years to process the emotional side of it, the shock and the dramatic change in your circumstances. Lottery winners often go from rags to riches,” she said.