Hate your job? 7 ways to make all your Mondays mighty and every lottery game a winning one

The Higgs had a great start to the week when they arrived to collect $25 million at the Lotto Max headquarters on a Monday. PHOTO: OLG

Mondays are never a good time to start work for most people. And other workers can't be happy any time of the week.

I'm a bit different. I've already finished and published LottoPredict for this week. And I'm revved up ready to start my lottery 'job.' 

It's a job that brings me a lot of pleasure each day because I get to help a lot of players hit their winning streak.

But if you don't like your job, here's a shortlist of 7 ways to make Monday and every day of the week go better for you:

1. Do you have a plan for your lotto win?

Do you know what you will do when that ticket machine beeps like crazy and you've suddenly got $50 million to spend? Are you fixed on your goals? Have you written them down? Do you look at them every day? Are there visual reminders everywhere so you never lose sight of your ambitions? There's lots of ideas in these Lotto Life posts, so use them to get going.

2. Not getting the win results you want?

Maybe it's time to take a break and use another game for a few weeks. The change just might freshen up your approach. It won't alter the winning odds - they are fixed for your game. But a break is like a vacation and you'll come back refreshed.

3. Daydream a little.

Forget hard-nosed reality... you NEED to think about some crazy stuff for a while. Remember the days at school when the teacher droned on and you looked out the window at the clear blue sky with those puffy white clouds, wishing you were somewhere else? Do that today! Start some way-out goals and get inspired!

4. Trade up.

If you're sick of seeing "NO" in your LottoPredict each week, then get PRO Custom Profiles. This one-time purchase will make every game a "YES" for every day of the week.

5. There's always someone worse off than you. Help them.

Find some way to use your jackpot win to help these people. And there's plenty of causes... just ask any philanthropist. I make it my practice to give away $50 notes to buskers with talent in our city. Get out and make the best use of your money - once your own needs are met.

6. Banish worry with distraction.

Did you know lucky people distract themselves after a spell of bad luck by going to the gym, watching a funny film, listening to music, or visiting friends? These physical activities speed up the sense of loss and get it out of the way quicker so they can move on. Loss is all part of playing lotto, so get it moving out of the way fast!

7. Persist, Persist!

This is my favorite - Relentless Focused Action! Persisting is the most important part of using my lotto system. If you want to win at lotto with my system, you must never ease up. When the weather stops you getting down to your local store to buy tickets, break through your comfort barrier and do it anyway. When your tickets only bring you a few freebies, remember that next week is a fresh start. Your persistence will be worth the effort.

Have a great week!


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