Here's 9 quickfire money-grabbing ideas you can use to buy more lottery tickets


The more lottery tickets you can buy, the better your winning odds. To increase the number of lottery tickets you can afford, I've gathered together 9 quickfire ways you can use to grab more cash:

1) Increase your credit card limits. Make sure repayments stay within your budget.

2) Add another credit card. Banks always want to help you, and their interest is their reward. Take them up on it!

3) Start a part-time business: teach a musical instrument, babysit, trim trees, offered to walk dogs, stuff a delivery service for businesses in your area, repair broken stuff, make room decorations, visit garage sales and buy from them, then sell it in your own garage sale or through I had a friend who, while he was at college, learned how to repair model trains. He soon had them coming from all over the country simply because he was the only specialist!

4) Search for unclaimed funds. You may be owed money by the government if you've moved in the last 15 years, changed jobs, been married or divorced, had a deceased relative, paid taxes, or purchased stocks or bonds. One out of 10 people are owed money, but you have to ask. Check here:


Matthew Lesko is a best selling author and self-proclaimed government grants researcher.

5) Get skilled in poker and play locally. Every time you play intelligently, you increase your winning chances.

6) Exchange or barter goods or services. If you have a talent, skill or craft, you could swap it with something else that you can sell more easily. Kyle MacDonald swapped a red paperclip for a house!

7) Deliberately miss an overpayment. If you have been paying ahead of time with your utilities, rent, life-insurance, hire purchase, credit cards etc, miss a payment and take the money. Make sure you advise them first.

8) Apply for an education grant. Millions of dollars of free education grants are not given out because people don't apply for them!

9) Reduce your tax withholdings. Sure, it's nice to get a big refund at the end of the year, but you could be using that extra money during the year. With permission, arrange your repayments to adjust it.