Use these 5 essential tips today to win the lottery faster and more often


I've just pressed the button to send this week's LottoPredict chart into cyberspace (does anyone use that interweb term any longer!)

And while it seems obvious, there are some things you can use to make your game more winnable when you use LottoPredict.

And a reminder - you don't need LottoPredict... it is an optional extra.

You'll still get the 98% win rate if you play like me. But it will help you win faster and more often. And who doesn't want to do that!

Remember too - the green/red squares are for the Silver Lotto System only. If you use PRO, then use the two PRO columns on the right hand side of the chart:

Here's 5 pointers you should check against your game and play strategy to get the most out of LottoPredict:

#1: Of the games you can play, does yours have the smallest number of balls and numbers?

This is essential to get the highest win odds. You can easily find the best game to play with the Star Rating on the left hand side of the LottoPredict chart.

The higher number of stars, the better your odds will be. 3 stars is best. 1 star means you must use PRO to overcome the low win chances of these games.

Tip: There are a lot of 1-star games around. If you have a choice, you need to choose the highest star game you can.

#2: Are you playing an off-peak game with fewer players so you get a bigger share of any win?

Take a look at your game in LottoPredict. Chances are it has more than one play day each week. And usually one of these days is more popular than the other because of high jackpots or even because people are used to playing at the weekend.

Your job is to find out which day is the LEAST popular and play that. You can find out by asking the lottery store staff - they have a good idea when it gets busiest.

#3: Don't spread your play too thin.

Are you trying to play every day your game shows YES in the green squares? You may need to hold off at times if you're budget is tight.

Most players fail to win because they are not putting enough tickets into the game through a lack of money. So a suggestion - instead of playing twice a week with $20 a time, wait. Add these amounts up and play $80 a time every TWO weeks. Same amount, better odds.

#4: Sometimes you should not play when 50% shows up in the orange square.

That square percentage simply means the decision to play is up to you. However I recommend you only go for a sure thing... the green YES or 75% square.

Don't leave anything to chance... play the sure game. And if you ask why I still have these options, I can tell you I leave them in so you get a better idea of how the games are playing each week. But of course, some players can get lucky like Neil:

#5: If you're not content with a small jackpot - the games with the best Silver Lotto System win odds - then just do it... go and play a big jackpot game. The reason? If you're annoyed that you might be missing out on a large jackpot just because I recommend the small prize games, you'll lose interest fast.

And as we all know, motivation breeds frequency, and frequency wins games.