Here are 5 quick ways you can play the lottery with the smallest number of tickets


The USA Powerball has produced some amazing jackpot figures like this $1.5Billion in 2016.

Every week I produce a chart which changes player's lives. It's called LottoPredict. One of the little-known advantages of LottoPredict is saving money.

Because I've found over the years is that most people want to spend the LEAST amount of money they need to play to get results.

They want to save their hard-earned cash and not waste it. And that's OK.

I developed the Silver Lotto System to squeeze the most value out of every line, every ticket. So here's what you should do in order to get the most out of each game:

#1. First, chose the best game.

Check that the game you are playing has the LOWEST number of balls and numbers. For example, if you have to choose between USA Powerball and Mega Millions, choose the game containing the lowest numbers. Both games have 5 balls, but Powerball has 69 numbers vs Mega Millions’ 70 numbers. Powerball is the slightly better bet.

#2. Go for lower prize payouts if you want regular winnings. 

The higher the jackpot amount, the more people play. So you may share the prizes among a large number of players and get a lower amount. The low payout games attract fewer players, and NOT sharing the prizes among as many other winners make these games a better deal.

#3. Are you subscribed to LottoPredict?

I'm blowing my own trumpet here, but LottoPredict is an absolutely essential service for getting the most out of your tickets. In fact, I think it is the ONLY way you can play using low numbers to multiply your win rate. Only play when the YES square is showing, or 75%, but don't do anything for the 50% or 25% predictions. Better to be safe than sorry. But what if there's not many YES's? Read #4.

#4. Use PRO Custom Profiles for your game.

This is a powerful way to keep playing each game without stopping when LottoPredict says NO:

#5. If your budget is $20 a game, save it up.

That amount doesn't buy many $2 tickets - just 10 of them. So take your weekly game money and save it until you have enough for 40 tickets. When you use PRO, that will give you the best chance for your money.

Remember, playing the lottery using the Silver Lotto System is easy. 

The System will do everything you want for most games around the world, and maybe even give you a 98% win rate like me.

Make sure you add LottoPredict and PRO to give you more wins even faster. You can order from inside your Silver Lotto Membership Site:

The Powerball draw as shown on tv on Jan 14, 2016.