Where I keep my lottery tickets is important for this #1 reason


My desk and my lottery ticket folder. Also note the book - I keep that to remind myself to do 10x more of everything this month.

I used to store my lottery tickets in a drawer after I bought them.

But now I don't. I put them on my work desk in full view, where I can see them every minute.

So why do I do this? And why do I recommend you do the same?

It's all tied up in an old phrase: "Out of sight, out of mind." With your tickets tucked away, you won't think about winning as much.

Because part of the fun of playing the lottery is the anticipation.

And the longer you can look forward to the eventual big win, the happier you'll be.

This is confirmed by a Dutch study by the Tindergen Institute that found the longer lottery players had to anticipate the draw time, the more happiness they'll have in that time.

So I keep my tickets out in full view to keep reminding myself about what might happen, like Ron did:

Hi Ken;

I followed your advice... I WON $100,000.00!!!!!! on my second try. Your system works and your tips are very important to follow. I'm continuing to play and expect to win again. I'll write again when I do. Thanks for a system that works.

Regards, Ron