How to fight off the lottery zombies who are out to steal your share of the prizes


It's easy to look at the many millions of dollars in many lottery prizes, and completely forget where that money comes from.

These funds are collected from a huge number of players just like you and me. Each of us putting in maybe a couple of dollars, or up to thousands of dollars a time.

THE GOOD: So on one hand, we want more players to swell the jackpot.

THE BAD: On the other hand, every other player is more competition for us. That's because the chance of having multiple winners for a prize grows as the prize amount increases.

Fortunately we know something that many other players don't. Because from all the hordes of hopefuls out there, very few will actually present a challenge to our prize. Here's why:

First, you can ignore the millions and trillions of bad number combinations everyone else plays. I call them zombie numbers. I've written many times about the ways people fail to fill in their numbers correctly.

To see proof of this, all you have to do is look at the latest winning numbers in your game’s results. Then see how far away any Quick Pick is from the correct sequence.

And secondly, very few players use my System correctly. Yes, even Silver Lotto System players have a problem here. 

They either:

  • don't play enough tickets

  • or play frequently with only a few tickets (the most common)

  • or change their numbers often when they're not getting results.

Many of our Silverites can't afford to play on a professional level, so they use just a few tickets and play for entertainment.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to win fast and frequently, you've got to buy and stick with the plan.

So are these millions of other players a threat to to the serious Silverite?

No, definitely not if you remember to play only the low number games. Play as often as you can with as many tickets as you can, and your win is not far away!