The plan on how to play the lottery to win at any age in your life


Dennis Banfield, 87, was Britain’s oldest lottery winner who bought tickets three times a week for 25 years.

What's your desired winning timeframe? When do you want to win? Of course, I know everyone wants to win next week.

But that's not practical - it all depends how much effort you want to put into attracting the largest amount of money you'll ever get in your lifetime.

  • You may be younger and have a lot of time ahead.

  • Or maybe you're older and have less time but more available cash.

Here's a quick plan to dial in your winnings - whatever your age and income level is is at the moment:

#Age up to 30: You have plenty of time to win, and you're starting to earn some decent wages. You should have enough disposable income to pour into your game.

Aim for at least 50 lines per game, and use the predictions method of LottoPredict to make sure that every game counts and you get the most for your money.

#Age 30 - 60: You're coming into your own now finance-wise, with a steadily increasing income. This period is when you can plough the most into your game for the best outcome, and still have plenty of time to enjoy the spoils.

You should concentrate on getting the best use of your investment, and I recommend using the PRO Custom Profiles along with LottoPredict to power your way through this period.

#Age 60 up: You want to get a decent lump sum so when your pension comes due in a few years you won't be scraping by.

You should accelerate your investment. Instead of playing 10 lines a game, aim to put at least 50 tickets in for your main game. Add LottoPredict to your Silver Lotto System to avoid spending more than you need to.

#On A Pension: You've got make a small and fixed amount of income work hard for you. Invest the tiny monthly subscription in LottoPredict so you know which week to play - and which week you should save your play money.

Whatever your age or circumstances, it's really worthwhile making an effort to win the lottery. It is the fastest and lowest entry route to acquiring real wealth you'll ever get.

The results speak for themselves. Here’s just a few of our winners:

- $22.2M by Jason

- $3.2 Million by Maher M.

- $1 Million by Lester R.

- $281,183.00 by Robert W.

- $175,000.00 by Larry.

- $100,000 by Phil F.

- $100,000.00 by Ron B.

- $70,634.60.00 by Murray B.