How to escape being fooled by this foreign lottery scam which tricks people into spending $100 million each year

The US Better Business Bureau made this video reenactment of a foreign lottery scam that costs US consumers over $100 million a year. The video was to educate and help protect consumers from being victims of this scam.

As always, never trust any email or person who says you've won a lottery you didn't enter.

Don't get fooled - get wise. Ask yourself:

  • Did I even enter their draw?

  • Did I pay money to play their online or offline game?

  • Does it all sound too official? (This is your warning...official-looking emails are designed to make you think they're real).


1. If your answer is no to any question, then ignore them. Don't even reply to their email. Delete it straight away too, so no-one else gets burned.

2. Don't call any phone number they give you. They usually have a boiler-room operation designed to trap you and convince you they are authentic.

3. And most importantly - do NOT send money, your credit card numbers, your bank account, social security number, driver's license or your ID - or anything - to anyone that "needs" it for authentication or payout. Don't pay them a dime!

You might be tempted to check the scam out on a scammer website. I wouldn't bother. Sometimes anti-scam websites are scams.

Avoid them - and do nothing.


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