How to fix the 2 major lottery winning problems you didn't know you had


Robert Winburn shows the results of his persistence. He won after playing the same numbers for 20 years, and had only won $100 previously.

Winning the lottery is simply a game of numbers. And there are only two ways to improve your chances of winning when you're using the Silver Lotto System...

  • Play more frequently

  • Play more tickets

In many ways this is like throwing a pizza against a wall and seeing how much of it sticks. In other words, it's not that accurate because you don't know when the lottery winning numbers will give the best match for your own numbers.

But what if you could target the games where your numbers made a better match?

That's where LottoPredict is so powerful. Here's how it works. Let's say in the next four games, only two of them are going to be a good match for your Silver Lotto System numbers.

Game 1 - Match

Game 2 - No Match

Game 3 - No Match

Game 4 - Match

If you play games 2 and 3, your ticket money is wasted. That's where LottoPredict is a winner. It tells you when those 'no match' games are going to be - so you need only spend on the 'match' games.

What happens to the other 'no match' games? Are they useless?

Not at all. That's where PRO Custom Profiles come in.

They have 4 Profiles that will match each of the 4 predictions. And that means you can now play EACH game, and not miss out on a possible win date.

And it helps frequency too... because the more you play, the more you get paid!