How to get multiple lottery wins faster and more often


How important are multiple secondary wins? While I get a lot of these in each game (22 records wins in the photo above), I don't often write about them because most people are mainly interested in the high value jackpots.

But multiple wins are essential to your lottery winning plan for these simple reasons:

1. They show my System is working.

Anyone can win a bonus ticket sometime without using my System if they spend enough and wait long enough. But that's just pure luck.

When you win multiple prizes continuously with the System each time, and when some games produce up to a dozen winning tickets, that means something is working right. I've won 22 tickets in a single game - my record so far.

2. The percentage chance of a high value ticket changes.

When you get just a single prize ticket, the odds of it being a major prize is still thousands to one.

But each winning ticket after that in the same game increases your odds a lot and the chances of it being a high value prize increases.

3. Most players forget this - EVERY winning ticket has the potential to be the jackpot prize.

So the more tickets you win in a game, the better your chances are for a higher value prize.

Don't be disappointed at your $30 prize - next week it could be the jackpot.

How do you get these multiple wins?


Buy more tickets and play more frequently.

It can work at any budget level too. If you've been buying $10 worth each weekly game, then save up for a month and spend $40 a game.

You'll get better results every time.

While it's hard to put a figure on how much this strategy will increase your wins, I've got up to 98% win rates. And of those many wins have been large multiples of 3-5 tickets and more.