How to have your fastest lottery winning week ever


North Carolina man Demetrius Underwood became the first person to win $10 million from the Colossal Cash scratch-off game.

When they want fast wins, the game most players think of is scratchies.

Scratch-off tickets satisfy the need for instant results and they sell well because of the fast gratification.

But the problem with scratchies is that the prize money isn't very high.

And the worst problem is that the quick results sometimes forces players to go over their budget, simply because it seems easier enough to keep going while you're in the store.

The lottery is better because you have to wait a while for the results, and it curbs any impetuous spending.

But many of us don't like that waiting room effect, and want to win faster. So here's a quick checklist of the things you need to do to ramp up your wins this week.

Make sure you check off each one and don't miss any:


1. Have the right tools.

By that I mean you NEED LottoPredict as the minimum step to get the best out of your Silver Lotto System.

It's no good piling money on to tickets that have no hope of showing up in the next draw.

You have to select when to play and when not to, and there's no better way than LottoPredict.


2. Play the right game.

This is SO important, I can't stress it enough. Most players are tempted by the massive jackpots, and don't look at anything else. Let me tell you - you're missing a fantastic chance.

Often the games you will have the best luck with are not the highest jackpot games.

The fact is that the biggest games are big in other ways too, and it's not good for your wallet.

- They attract the biggest number of players... that means the chance of sharing your prize with others increases.

- They have big odds. The bigger the odds the worse the game is to win easily.

You can check the correct game you need to play in your LottoPredict chart. The 3-star rated games are the ones to go for.


3. Play at the right times.

While this step won't affect your odds of winning, it WILL reduce the number of players you might share your prize with.

The smaller number of players the better, of course. To take advantage of this step, select a day of the week when most others don't play.

It could be:

- Because the jackpot is low on that day. That keeps a lot of players out of the game, you'd be surprised how many don't bother when the game just has a starting jackpot. So it is a good time to play because you have less competition for sharing the main prize.

- Because it's just not a popular day. A mid-week game is one of these examples. It's hard for some people to break a pattern of thinking that the weekend is a better time.

- When the weather is bad. That often keeps players away from the game if it is too cold or wet.


4. Add PRO.

I offer this essential part of the System because it works. As well as letting you play when LottoPredict says not to the standard System, PRO also uses an advanced version which is always being tested and gets you better results.

So follow these checklist steps above and watch your game improve. Because if you want to change your life, you need to change the way you play.

And this time you might just get your fastest winning week ever.