The secret to how these winners increased their odds of winning the lottery twice


Twice in a million! New York winner Bruce Magistro won a $1 million prize twice in a 4 year period.

If it happened once, that would not be very interesting. But if it happened twice, then you would start to sit up and take notice.

I'm talking about winning the jackpot or other large prizes twice. Or the same numbers coming up again.

Despite it being a 1-in-a-trillion probability, this happened for some lucky lottery players in Israel. The same 6 double-digit balls were drawn in the national biweekly lottery draw.

A lottery street booth in Israel.

This happened twice in less than a month.

The Miphal HaPayis state game picked 36, 33, 32, 26, 14, 13 and the "strong number" 2 as the winning combination.

And amazingly the same first six numbers had been picked in exact reverse order and won the lottery on September 21. The only difference was the "strong number," which determines the first prize jackpot.

Anyone who played those six numbers on both dates won big -- twice.

Well, that's certainly unusual, but nothing compared to how some winners beat the odds. I'm talking about lotto winners and the way that some of them win large prizes twice. You could too.

For example:

- A woman who won $1 million playing a Pennsylvania Lottery won ANOTHER million on the same game in the same year.

- Pennsylvania lottery officials said other winners have experienced lucky streaks. A Carbon County man won four times, collecting over $2.5 million in the late 1980s and '90s; and a husband and wife separately won replica Pocono pace cars in the Pocono Race for the Riches game in 2000.

- In Australia a 70-year-old Taree grandfather who had already won $1 million in lotto was one of three winners sharing in the game's First Division prize of $500,000.

- And in Ireland, for the second time in eight years, a group of 33 colleagues from the Clonmel Nationalist newspaper traveled to Dublin to collect their Lotto winnings. In October 1993, the syndicate won £400,000, but in 2001 they more than doubled their winnings to £1m. Each member won £30,303.

- In my country (New Zealand), a Rotorua couple celebrated the end of an extraordinary year, having won two major lottery prizes in 2005.

The more I looked, the more common it was... these are just the tip of the iceberg.

The lucky double wins just go on and on. You can see similar results by Googling "lotto win twice."

There is a common factor between all these regular wins. As you know, many Silver Lotto System players win frequently. My own tally over the years has been 80.3% win rate, and is now over 98%.

The answer? The regular winners play regularly! Or, to put it another way, repeat winners play repeatedly.

Here's why...

In many of the double luck stories it was reported that the winners were regular players, both before and after their wins. It confirms what I have saying for years - you MUST play often. If you can't play often, then use as many lines in the game as you can.

Winning lotto is partly a game of chance, but the greater part involving your "luck" can be manipulated using the Silver Lotto System and playing often.

And the best part... since you are playing the same numbers each time, the chances of getting double winnings are hugely increased.

Go for the Big One and keep playing - you may get it twice!

I have consistantly won 3,4 and 3 times I have won 5 numbers in the last 3 months in the Florida lotto. Winning 5 numbers is a win of between $5,000 & $8,000.
Steve B.