How to win more lottery prizes by this weekend using these 7 essential lottery tips


It always feels strange when I write about a date in these posts. I'm in New Zealand at the bottom of the map (which sees the sun first in the world by the way).

So we're a day ahead of the rest of the planet who use the System. And I always have to figure out what time I'm writing about. Your time or mine?

Luckily there’s plenty of time left before the weekend.

So here are 7 actions you can take before the weekend's game that will improve your win rate:

#1. Choose the right game.

You should always play the small number games, those with the smallest selection of balls and numbers. Those are the 3-star games in your LottoPredict chart:

You may want to play larger prize games like the Powerball, Lotto Max, EuroMillions, Megabucks or Mega Millions, but you will reduce your winning chances unless you are using PRO:

#2. Buy more tickets.

The Silver Lotto System works well with as little as $10-20 worth of tickets. But it works even better with $50. That's because your win rate is greater when you give it a bigger chance. 

So don't hold back. Take a bold step for the weekend's game and give it your best shot by adding more money to the mix. You'll be surprised at how your winnings climb.

#3. Be focused.

If one week you use the first 10 lines from your Profiles, then the next week you use lines 20 to 40, or try another game altogether - you're spreading yourself too thin.

And that never works. Follow the Silver Lotto System instructions to the letter - and stay focused! Use the same lines in your Profile, and play the same game each time. Magic!

#4. Play with PRO.

If you play with just the System and LottoPredict, you're missing out on a lot of games. Because if LottoPredict gives you a NO this weekend, you have to wait until you get a YES - and that might take a week or two, 

Cut out the uncertainty with PRO. For a small, once only investment you're set for life... you can play every game whenever you want:

#5. Obey the System.

Some people see what they think is a glitch or hole in my System. They think the pattern doesn't look right for some reason, and so they add in their own numbers. 

Trust and play. Don't put in your street number, birthdate, a hot number from the horoscope, or that license plate number. It won't do you any good. 

Follow the instructions from your Silver Lotto Membership Site and stick to the System.

#6. Keep playing.

a. Play your game. 
b. Play the next game. 
c. Repeat until winning. 


#7. Spend on tickets wisely. 

Don't borrow to play. Don't spend the housekeeping. Only spend what you can afford, otherwise you'll feel guilty if your win is not what you hoped for. 

Use LottoPredict - it will help you save money by telling you when NOT to play, as well as when to play.

#8. (Bonus tip!) Celebrate your victories.

A lot of players think a $20 win is no big deal. Maybe they've come to expect more with my System because I keep showing how many players are getting some great winnings. 

But look at it this way - you are doing well to get even a few dollars because the majority of lottery players don't win a cent. So celebrate, enjoy... your next win could turn into millions!