I wrote these 5 lottery winning tips tor Julie to pick the right lotto game


Announcing the winner of the $648 Mega Millions is Georgia Lottery director Debbie Alford. My winning tips could help you be a Mega Millions winner too.

I got an email from Julie W this morning: "Ken, it's coming up to the end of the week and I've just bought your System. Do I need the PRO Custom Profiles and can you help me win this weekend?"

1. First Julie, a blatant sales message that will help you in many ways... buy and use LottoPredict and PRO Custom Profiles for your state. They are the most powerful parts of my System.

2. Play more than just 5 lines on a ticket. You need 20-50 lines. If funds are tight I recommend you stop playing each week and wait until you've saved up enough for this amount. A bigger number of tickets will always improve your winning odds.

3. Go for games that offer smaller but more frequent wins. When you use LottoPredict you'll see that all games are given a star rating. A 1-star means that winning odds are low and you've got to use every possible advantage to play it. That means using PRO Custom Profiles.

Other games have a 3-star rating, and these are the ones you should play first, maybe just using the Silver Lotto System. Winning is easier if you have a choice between playing a 7 ball game with a multimillion dollar payout, or a 5 ball game with a 6-figure payout. Take the 5 ball game each time.

4. When you win smaller amounts of a few hundred dollars, don't be tempted to put them all back into a single game. This is what many winners do, and it always leads to a loss-making situation. Instead, keep a portion of your winnings to one side and feed it into each game on a regular basis.

5. Specialise in one game. Get to know it like the back of your hand. When you use other tips I'll mention - like finding the best day of the week to play - your chances of winning always increase.

Hope that helps you, and good luck!



Dear Ken,

I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that I won $124,960 last week with your silver system and I'm so grateful...

Thanks again!!!!! Jo S.