If you won lotto, what would you buy? 21 people reveal their crazy wishlists


The best time in the lottery - the payout!

Hundreds of members of the AskReddit forum replied when they were asked the first thing they would buy if they were suddenly rich.

Judging by some of the answers, many of the replies were from younger posters.

But there was a recurring request theme running through the hundreds of unique answers... a home - for themselves or for their parents - was one of the most popular requests on the thread.

Here's a selection of wishes these writers hoped to get when they struck it lucky:

1. Happiness, so that I could prove everyone wrong.

2. A bee farm. I'm gonna farm some bees and save 1000's in taxes. After a hive is depleted I'll pay a minimum wage worker to tie all of the bees legs together with strong thread. Attach leash. And walk my ... bee swarm all day, every day.

3. I'd buy all the shampoo in the world, put it in a blimp, and dump it on Topeka, Kansas. Those guys have some gnarly hair.

4. First I'd buy a nice house for my parents. Then buy some more property to rent out with the money going to my parents so they don't have to work anymore.

5. Batcave. Obviously not just a ... cave filled with bats...but a sweet underground fortress filled with all sorts of gadgets and whatnot.

6. My dream house. Built from the ground up, with my husband and I working with an architect to make sure that everything we want is implemented down to where the outlets are located.

7. I would buy a house and pay off the entire thing in one lump sum. That would put me leaps and bounds ahead of others in my age group.

8. A huge island with accompanying Private Jet, Helicopter and Big Yacht.

9. I'd buy the services of a financial planner to help me get my money to work for me.

10. Porsche 911 Turbo and a trip to Europe with my dad.

11. A lightsaber. Like a real one, or pay some mad scientist to build it.

12. My parents house...for them.

13. A good investment portfolio to ensure I stay rich. Oh wait, you wanted cool answers? I'd buy Ireland. Wait. How rich am I?

14. Heated toilet seats.

15. An elaborate set of oil paintings depicting the recent transformers movies, done in the style of the dutch masters.

16. The list is long. But I've always wanted to buy once of those Eurocards that you can ride any train with and just travel around Europe for a few months. Also, upgrade camera equipment to Nikons finest.

17. Madison Square Gardens, a horde of bears and a working lightsaber. Rage against the machine would be playing on a stage suspended from the roof as the bears descend for me standing in the middle of the square waiting.

18. I'd buy a few houses in a nice little village outside of town, move me, my mother and my best friend in the whole world out there. Set us up for life, horses in fields, dogs on the porch... The whole deal.

19. Fresh water for every human being.

20. I'd build the biggest video arcade known to man. It'd be a multi-room setup, arranged by date and it would include a pizza shop.

21. A huge stretch of land out in the mountains with its own power and water supply. The house itself all concrete and steel, sitting on a bunker big enough to house fifty people fifty years.

This list was so popular it also featured at the Business Insider blog here. We also also have a list of what people actually spent their lottery winnings on:

- Buy our grandma a new Ford Taurus.

- Buy a secondhand boat, a beautiful 20 footer and husband can go fishing at last.

- Quit job and buy a small holding potato farm.

- Upgrade our computer.

- Secretly give a quarter of our win to our local church.

- Buy a big screen TV. Stands to reason since we won our money looking at the television!

- Visit our relatives in Australia for the first time in 15 years.

- Take the family (2 boys and one daughter) to Hawaii for a week.

- Improve our home by adding a new kitchen.

- Invested in a local food franchise.

- Gave half our winnings to our divorced daughter who has been struggling with her 6 month old child.

- Buy a Mustang, red, low miles.

- Got an extreme makeover just like the TV program.